A note on my three blogs

A note on my blogs

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Saturday, 18 December 2004

Last night I danced in a cathedral

We had the gorgeous cathedral all for ourselves. All the chairs had been cleared to the sides. We filled the dancefloor; the best venue possible. People gradually arrived; got changed and started to fill the dancefloor. I noticed a good friend of my flatmate, whom I had met once and really got along well. We were both surprised to see her there; she was dancing very gracefully - obviously a ballet dancer. Later I noticed a guy who I had seen playing at an acoustic night three weeks ago, and finally two ladies from my yoga classes. I was amazed. I feel my life has started again since my split-up liberation; it obviously shows in the people I now meet. The right people for me... finally.

I was a bit nervous to start dancing myself but finally I did; it was too beautiful and the music was the best music I could ever have dreamt of. All very much in the type of Dead Can Dance, tribal, earthly, folky, classical music etc. I removed my shoes because they felt like a weight round my feet and I felt much more grounded and free on the soles of my feet. Finally we all gathered around the organising lady and we started a... dancing meditation! I was amazed! We started standing still and focusing on our breath, eyes closed, and gradually added movement from the head, down to the neck, to the shoulders, the arms, the hand, the back, the hips, the knees, the feet... And then I was gone. It was a celebration of the miracle of the human body, letting ourselves be taken by the Spirit and the Dance. It was truly wonderful. I danced for two hours non-stop. I did moves I had never dared doing before. Playing with my balance, with my skirt, turning round and round and round until the arches of the cathedral spinned like a whirlpool around me. I had danced a little bit like that only secretly in my bedroom. I had imagined it in my dreams, I had wished there would be such a wonderful place somewhere, I had wished I would meet such like-minded people. I had tried to find them in the 'goth' scene, I had dreamed Finsternis could be like that. And yesterday, there it was. And there I was. Dancing like I had never done before, letting myself go completely, wondering where all those movements came from. I was so free! Everybody was so free! I used the whole dancefloor, I used my whole body. There was no thinking, there was no mind. I just was. I was alive. It felt like I let the spirit use my body to move me. I didn't think about what to do. It just happened.

There were about 100-150 people there. Everybody looked amazingly beautiful. People danced together, some people danced with the floor, others danced with the pillars of the cathedral. Some even screamed. It was a gathering of spirthrough. We all loved each other unconditionally. We were all brothers and sisters. There was no way to be shy. People from all ages. Humanity at its best.

At the end we all formed a huge round, holding one another's hand. And then we all sung a carol for Christmas. I didn't even know the melody but I sung it anyway. And to close the event, after this we all hugged. Anybody around us. Huge loving hugs to people we didn't know, as though we were all from the same family. (Which we are, anyway...) It was truly wonderful. I felt blessed...