A note on my three blogs

A note on my blogs

(1) vio; in love with india - this one is the main blog about my Indian adventures, which started in 2005. I don't write much on this blog these days because I prefer to write privately in the confidential blog. But check out the categories and the index to figure out your way. I have kept some older posts not about India but which I still find interesting or relevant in Old words. Also check out my new, fun category Only in India in which I post photos of funny, unique, Indian situations...

(2) vio; sounds of india - this is my blog of sounds, because India wouldn't be as incredible if it was not so vibrant and just so full of incredible sounds!

(3) vio; confidential - this an extension of my main blog in which I post entries I do not want to reveal to the entire webspace for privacy or sensitivity reasons. You must receive an invitation from me and then accept the invitation to be able to read it. You may email me if you are interested in receiving an invitation.


Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Sunday, 25 November 2007

Beautiful India

Already 11 days have passed and I have not yet managed to write a single entry on here. Eailing my friends is also virtually impossible, not just because of the crappyness of computers but also because it is very unpleasant to spend time on a screen when so much beauty awaits outside.

We have been in Mumbai, in Assolna (Goa), in Kochin, on a tiny island called 'Crow's Island' away from cars and noise, and now we are in Trivandrum - capital of Kerala.

We have met artists who were happy to have us and took very good care of us. Cooked for us marvellous food (which we enjoy eating with our hands!), housed us. We have seen and heard so much, Malayalam the language of Kerala is so intricately round and hard to pronounce, a lot tougher than Hindi. We have spent some very quiet and slow time, with no cars, amongst villagers who were so happy to see us and smile to us. We have also spent time with a sculptor on that crow's island full of coco trees, and ended up at an art opening last night in Trivandrum... We have heard countless creatures buzzing cackling, crows, cats, frogs, and other unnamed critters. We have taken small wooden boats and paddled amongst the floating lotuses. All this is magical, surreal, yet weirdly so natural, and it just is.

And the three of us, we get used to one another's company - getting to know one another, sometimes alone sometimes together, sometimes silent sometimes bursting out laughing. Sometimes teaching French, at other times learning music theory, learning from one another's ways of being, sharing books and oils and ideas and lots of other things. The violin is slowly starting to take part of it, too.

Oh and it is so difficult to write; it all sounds awkward and incompetent, but it doesn't matter really.

Hopefully from tomorrow we will spend a week doing yoga in an ashram somewhere not too far in the hills.

And at all times, of course, India is total meditation.

Wednesday, 14 November 2007