A note on my three blogs

A note on my blogs

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Tuesday, 4 December 2007

From Kodaikanal to Kollam

We are now in Kodaikanal, some 2000 metres high up in the mountains. It is lovely and cool here, it was even cold when we arrived two nights ago. I have been wearing my jeans and my sweater and scarf, and I have indeed been enjoying it VERY much!!! This is also a good reminder that it is now December, and indeed, winter. So easy to forget most of the time in India...

I have been a little disrupted in the stomach lately, but the wonderful essential oil pills from my dear health food store back in France have been working wonders, so I am alright now... Still, I was very pleased this morning to enjoy a brownie, an egg sandwich, and a ginger cake for breakfast. Pure bliss, that and the no-sugar, no-milk, BLACK coffee that tasted like the one I make at home... I clearly needed that.

I will be taking the road alone for about a week from today. My orientation skills are too poor to catch up with the boys', that with being in India and all, I have been a little (read: very) passive here. It puts pressure on our relationships, and it has been a little difficult to handle. It is a pattern I always recognise in me but the extreme context has magnified it. I could see it so clearly, but it was hard to rise up while I was 'down in the pit'. It could go on no longer, and it burst out yesterday, and so I have decided that I have to go alone for a bit. To regain some self confidence. And to have a little bit of fresh air; it was difficult but I feel hugely lighter today from making the decision already. Being in India doesn't help of course; I was going to travel India ANYWAY with or without the boys, but it was all too easy to me reposer sur mes lauriers whilst I was with them. It is not easy everyday. There is a lot of insecurity I have to deal with, too, lots of issues that come up every day. That is all the meditation. Today I feel good and I am very grateful for the difficulty.

This morning I have been mostly alone and it has proven fruitful already. I am comfortable in India (well, most of the time anyway) - obviously I also LOVE the place very dearly, there is no question. So I will take the road alone; bus and train are booked. Tomorrow morning I will arrive in Kollam, and then I will spend a few days at Amma's ashram. Amma will be there from 10th December. I have to do this, I have to visit this place. There should be more yoga classes, and music classes too. And Amma and perhaps a very magical hug. And a whole new environment to explore on my own, an environment I am very curious about indeed....

It is amazing how much you can unblock in just a few hours or a night when you accept and let go. I already feel so much more spacious, positive and light than yesterday. And when this happens, life is quick to confirm it to you, too...

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