A note on my three blogs

A note on my blogs

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Wednesday, 13 August 2008

The worst bus ever!

This is the worse bus I ever travelled on in my life.
Somewhere on the way to Varanasi.

Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Khajuraho again

It's so nice to be in the family again. Time flies and I have had no motivation whatsoever to spend time on the internet, hence a few weeks of silence. But it's all good here. And my Niko from Belgium has been here for over a week, and it's so nice to see him here again - and so nice to see him and vijay so happy to look at each other's face again with amazement after three years. On the first two days they looked at each other for long moments, with all smiles and emotion. And of course it's lovely, lovely to be the three of us together again.

Six months ago it was very difficult for me to find the inspiration to go on the internet regularly and share the moments I lived onto a screen. Perhaps because it was too intense, too much happened yet nothing happened; somehow I was speechless. I feel the same again now, I guess.

Just like when I was in the family six months ago (!) we don't do much during our days, yet a lot happens here. India, India. Magical India. it's quite incredible to share a good extract of the strong experience I've had here before with a homely friend. At least I have a friend now who knows what I talk about. For really, words (and static pictures!) cannot convey the richness, the strangeness, the magic, the frustration, the joy, the tastes and smells and sounds and colours, the weirdness of the moments I've had here.

My camera is broken but Niko takes tons of photos of everything. Some are incredible, for he is more talented than me at taking pictures. We've been cycling around Khajuraho and to the temples like we did three years ago. But unlike three years ago the sun is not always hammering and blinding-strong. There are some clouds too and we welcome the rain a lot; it contrasts with the heavy, humid heat. Like three years ago we drink a lot of chai. We speak a lot and smile and laugh a lot. We play with the neighbouring kids, like crazy, and Niko has been taking hundreds of photos of those beautiful faces; he could open an exhibition hall when he gets back to Belgium. Niko agrees with me that the buffaloes are very funny with their super-straight necks and funny faces and their slow and "sleepy walk". he likes the goats, too, and how they always have to climb and stand onto something; a wall, a broken tree. He has shared with us the early morning walks in the country side and brushing our teeth with fresh sticks from neem tree. Oh! and the countryside is so green now! I was amazed when I arrived; because for the first time in three years Khajuraho has had a rainy season! So the grass and the trees are rich and full and green. And in front of the house, the previously dry lake is full of water now, so the landscape is completely different from six months ago! Niko also enjoys the food immensely and has fun eating with his fingers. And he too finds his second trip to India a lot easier than the first. We generally have similar reactions to the oddness and newness and fun-ness of family life in India, and now that I am familiar to it, it's funny to see him react just how I did six months ago. It's funny to see the family laugh at his European habits or awkwardness at eating "Indian style" the way they laughed at me before. We spend time playing "Ludo" with the family. I translate Hindi to French for Niko. It doesn't sound weird for him to hear me speak Hindi, he hardly notices it.

Tomorrow the three of us will go travel outside of Khajuraho for a few days. We have a night-bus booked for Bhopal, the capital of Madhya Pradesh.

And I have just about two months left in India now...