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A note on my blogs

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Saturday, 6 March 2010

end of the first year already!?

the heat is upon us already - and so suddenly. it was up to 37 degrees yesterday.

the three days in haridwar and rishikesh mid february were very intense, and travelling with guruji was fun. i had had no idea what to expect; it was going to be all organised but i hadn't known anything more than that we would meet another of sukhdev's student. it turned out that that student was travelling with his wife, a group of some six french people of their age (55-60), and a 10-year old indian girl from varanasi whom they have been sponsoring for about five years and her father. in haridwar it was the huge Kumbh Mela festival. all i saw of it was a big queue of people under the sun, waiting to go for darshan in a temple. we waited to eat for so long, too. the organisation was tricky with so many people and patience was in order. but the concert with sukhdev that evening, in an ashram, was memorable - especially as it was shivananda who accompanied him on tabla - shivananda being the violin teacher i had for four weeks almost two years ago in rishikesh when i had studied in his local children music school. it was wonderful to meet him again, and very special to hear him and sukhdev play music together. the whole three days the indian girl kept stuck with me and holding my hand everywhere because i speak hindi. she is a very bright and alert girl, and she was great company. then we went to rishikesh, on sukhdev's birthday. we had a great violin session with sukhdev and shivananda. and there, the concert again was memorable. shivananda asked me to introduce the musicians and his school and i was so moved that i burst into tears in front of everyone. it was an intimate concert, thank god. but the children of the school had come to listen to their teacher and i was again very moved to meet them after two years.

then i came back to varanasi and started to think about my exams. but i discovered they were planned one week later than i had thought they would be. so for holi festival - the festival of colours - i escaped the madness of varanasi for a few days to go to khajuraho. there the three of vijay's married sister had come with their children. i hadn't seen most of them for almost a year so it was a wonderful occasion to visit khajuraho. and holi is a lot quieter there - they don't even celebrate it in vijay's family, which is more than fine with me! i really don't like holi especially in varanasi. it can be dangerous, people eat far too much "bhang" (marirjana) and drink too much alcohol, and for at least three days you don't dare going out for you know you'll end up splashed with coloured water (ruining your clothes) or just powder if you're lucky (but mostly you're not). so - i avoided holi completely and i was really happy to meet the young nephews again, they grow too fast - they always ask about me, they call me "mossi ji" (= mummy's sister)! and they interact a lot with me.

i love my indian family. they all know now what is going on still they keep quiet. but they know - and vijay's mother even knows that he is applying for a european visa. it has grown slowly slowly, gradually. i have become part of them slowly but surely. there used to be the occasional clash and argument. we used to have to be so careful. today everything is so simple - it has been growing so smoothly. now there are no clashes ever again, i communicate with all of them so much better, his mother even phoned me once for a chat. i am accepted in the family.

day after tomorrow my hindi exams will start - one oral and two papers. on 14 march vijay will arrive i varanasi and will close my room for summer, pack all my stuff carefully to protect it for humidity. but i am keeping my room which i'm very happy about. on 15 march we will be off to delhi for vijay to apply for a european visa. wish him luck. then the rest will depend on whether he does obtain a visa, but i will not be back to varanasi until i (or we?) fly back to europe (brussels) on 17 april...

and then i will be in europe until 6 july...

first year over already. it has all been so, SO fast...