A note on my three blogs

A note on my blogs

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Wednesday, 6 July 2011

India, here I come yet again...

In three days I will be in India again.

Time has flown as always, and I have had a lovely, valuable time in Europe. From Lille (France) to Edinburgh (UK), Intres & Valence (France) to Geneva (Switzerland), Munich (Germany) and back to Lille again. From Brussels to Liege (Belgium) and back to Lille again. From Lot (south France), up to Fursac and back to Lille again. From Edinburgh again and back to Lille yet again. One weekend in Paris, and back to Lille again.

I've checked my health, refurnished my stock of magnesium chloride and clay and grapefruit seed extract and nature-friendly tummy medecine, and bought other practicals that are difficult to find in India.

Apart from my family, I mainly met Indophile or Indian friends this year. Although I had a lovely time with all, I think the best time I had was with my franco-Indian friends and my violin teacher in Lot. It felt so right to be with them doing what we were doing, like being with family doing something I could do for the rest of my life.

This year whilst in Europe, I stayed focused on my Indian path; it clearly felt like opening my western violin and seeing old-life's friends would be too much of a distraction. I've listened mostly to Indian music and I didn't even make it to a western music concert this year. It would have been lovely of course, but somehow it didn't happen. The only three concerts I made were those of my Indian violin teacher and of kathak dance. I had a few Indian violin classes and I managed to practise more violin than I had last year in Europe. I wanted to listen to Indian music more, and I met an Indian violin player who lives near my father's place. And I made a website for my Franco-Indian friends' wonderful association Partage & Culture Sarasvati.

India, even in Europe

Maitryee Mahatma

So when I arrive in India I'll have to register on the violin diploma in Banaras Hindu University, and extend my student visa. I'm looking forward to seeing how that diploma goes. I may not need to go to classes much as I can already play violin and I'm starting the diploma at beginner's level, but I'm excited to have Indian classmates this year, and to be taught in Hindi. There will only be private classes for Hindi per se now, and I should be more "free" university-wise. I wonder how this year will change from last year. I may well be less taken by the university diploma, but this year I've accepted a kind of "communicator-facilitator" job in India, to help organising a tour for my violin teacher's Swiss-African-Indian music & dance project; that will be a new experience, it might or might not turn out lucrative, but it doesn't really matter. In any case, I shall learn a lot from it, and then I will see where that takes me...

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