A note on my three blogs

A note on my blogs

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Thursday, 20 October 2011

Devendra the Indian violin

I want to post more but I can't be bothered spending time on the internet. As usual. And I'd rather spend time practising.

I have started practising with tabla students regularly. It's so much FUN! I have finally passed the stage of self-confidence and fear and shyness and embarrassment for mistakes in front of other people. I can play just feeling this tightness in my tummy, and then it does go. Now the music flows out of me. Improvisation used to be such a scary and mysterious thing; now it happens to through me too. I have tons to learn and hours and hours to practise but it's fun, only fun. I love love improvising now. it flows and it's wonderful. I play faster, too...

And I have started Indian classical singing, to improve my improvisation and feel the ragas through my body more (in singing the body is the instrument so the music comes through you directly), to complement the violin work. So I practise 30 minutes to an hour everyday. I am no longer singing-phobic; it's magic. And I'm very very happy to work on my voice.

And I have a student! A violin student from my class at university to whom I give private tuition. I will give him class twice a week and he even wants to pay me (it feels weird!) He seems very excited about the violin, and very serious. We will see how it goes...

It is the first time in my life I am learning music full-time, wow and it was once just an inaccessible dream I was ashamed of having. But it's real now! I used to wonder why I started violin so late, and I used to feel so self-conscious of my playing because I started late, but now i'm just super grateful for having started it at all. Better late than never!

It was 7 years ago now that I bought this lovely lovely violin (which I named "Devendra" at the time, without knowing it was an Indian name - meaning "king of the Gods" - an Indian name for what was to become an Indian violin.