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Monday, 16 January 2012

A super-breakfast for top-form digestion in India!

I decided last spring when in Europe that I really had to keep my digestion healthy whilst in India, most especially to care about my liver and thus about the quality of the oils that I use. Luckily I visited a good friend in Geneva in May who has been fed a very special kind of breakfast since childhood, as her mother has been eating it for years, caring for her multiple sclerosis thanks to a very controlled and healthy diet - following Dr Kousmine's nutritionally-based medicine.

I had known for a long time that my friend was eating this super-food kind of breakfast everyday and I had been interested, but it sounded complicated to make so I had never tried it. Finally I visited my friend in her home last May and I shared breakfast with her. I was so impressed that I started to make it regularly every morning as soon as I got back to my father's - it is less daunting and time-consuming as it sounds!

Particularity of this recipe

1) Everything is organic, obviously - and raw
2) Using organic and first cold-pressed oil
3) Using freshly ground raw cereals and oleaginous seeds
4) All ingredients are fresh and prepared by oneself before eating. According to Dr Kousmine in the industrialised world we eat a lot of dead, empty food. For instance when we eat flour, we have no idea of how long ago the grain was ground; it could be a very very long time, so all its nutritious benefits are gone - that's why grinding one's own seeds/cereals is important.

So, this is the recipe of the "Budwig Cream" I eat for breakfast most days, and which has kept my digestion and health in general on top form in India for the past six months:


In a bowl, for 1 person, add, in this order:

1) 4 tea-spoons of yoghurt
Dairy or non-dairy according to your preference.

2) 2 tea-spoons of linseed oil
The linseed oil has to be carefully mixed with the yoghurt, using a fork, so that it becomes digestible. One can use other oils, e.g. sunflower, olive etc. but it is very important that the oil be organic and first cold-pressed, so it keeps all its nutritious benefits. In India I use olive oil (brought with me from Europe) because I don't have a fridge to keep linseed oil (linseed oil becomes toxic if it is not kept in the fridge - very important).

3) juice of 1/2 lemon
I also chose olive oil rather than linseed oil because olive oil oil mixed with lemon juice taken in the morning on an empty stomach are excellent for the liver).

4) 1 ripe banana
Or honey (but I prefer banana because it's more filling) to sweeten. Mash the banana with a fork.

5) 2 small spoons of freshly ground, raw wholemeal cereal
Ideally buckwheat or brown rice (no wheat) - only one type of cereal at a time, so either one or the other. Here I use red rice because its available, and I've heard it was full of anti-oxydants. It is important that the cereal is raw, to keep their nutritious benefits, but to ground it so it because digestible.

6) 2 small spoons of freshly ground oleaginous seeds
Again, one type at a time. So either sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, nuts (cashew, almonds, etc.), etc. In Europe I was using sunflower seeds but they are not available here so I use sesame or almonds or cashew nuts. Again the seeds must be freshly ground and raw.

You have to use an electrical coffee grinder to grind the seeds and cereal, or manual even more ideally.

7) fruits
Now with fruits, I don't think mixing them with the rest of the ingredients is good for digestion, unless they are berries. I mix pomegranate as it feels right (and inside the fruit looks like small berries), but if I eat other fruits I'll have them separately 30 minutes before eating the cream.

Things I've noticed with this breakfast:

Firstly, it is absolutely de-li-cious!

I was amazed by this breakfast because I am normally a heavy breakfast eater - I need food in the morning, more than later during the day. And the cream is not heavy, there's not that much to eat, but it does keep me full up until lunch time and I feel well-nourished after I've had it.

My digestion is on TOP FORM. I suffer none of those (mild but still) ailments I suffered last year; like frequent diarrhea or bloating. I ate puri (deep fried chapatis) at both lunch and dinner one day at Vijay's house over New Year, which normally give me systematic diarrhea the following day, but I was fine this time! And apart from one "mini-cold" which went away in two days, I have not been ill at all in the past six months. Now I never get ill in Europe, but it's the first time I feel as generally healthy in India as I normally do in Europe, and it's nice!

Many, many people keep telling me that I look thinner. I haven't particularly noticed losing weight (though I might have a wee bit more space in my jeans indeed...)

And finally, I feel less tired in general.

More info
Budwig cream (English)
The book from which I took the original recipe (French)

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  1. Very good, but i want thé translation in french please ! Thanks :)
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