A note on my three blogs

A note on my blogs

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Monday, 9 July 2012

Mata Ganga Orchestra needs help!


Below is information about this beautiful musical project I am actively involved in; the "Mata Ganga Orchestra". It was initiated by my friends Jerome & Marie-Christine from the association Partage & Culture Sarasvati of which I am an active member (webmaster & translator, and also violinist).

The Mata Ganga Orchestra is a Franco-Indian orchestra of teenage/ young musicians. In February 2012 the association invited 8 French teenagers from the music school of Cahors to meet 11 young Indian musicians of the C.J. Maa Music School from Rishikesh to share musical experience and play in concert together.

The youngsters had an amazing musical and cultural experience, and so Jerome and Marie-Christine from the association want to take the project further, and invite the young Indians to come to France (Feb/March 2013) to perform there this time!! Of course that's a lot more ambitious financially, as the young Indians come from modest families and can't afford plane tickets, so the association decided to publish the project on Kisskissbankbank, which is a website devoted to help people find donators to fund their projects. What's interesting is that (1) donors get a (fun and interesting) reward for their donations. It can be fun and interesting rewards too! And (2), I'm not sure if that works outside of France but I'll mention it anyway: as my friends' association is registered, donations qualify for tax cuts up to 66% of the deposit within 20% of taxable income

The project is published on the website for 3 months, and if the financial goal isn't achieved, donors are entirely refunded of their donation.

So! The website is here. It would be wonderful if you too could help (even a little bit!) for the project to be successful!

NB: Please don't hesitate to talk about the project to your friends, too...

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