A note on my three blogs

A note on my blogs

(1) vio; in love with india - this one is the main blog about my Indian adventures, which started in 2005. I don't write much on this blog these days because I prefer to write privately in the confidential blog. But check out the categories and the index to figure out your way. I have kept some older posts not about India but which I still find interesting or relevant in Old words. Also check out my new, fun category Only in India in which I post photos of funny, unique, Indian situations...

(2) sounds of india - this is my blog of sounds, because India wouldn't be as incredible if it was not so vibrant and just so full of incredible sounds!

(3) vio; confidential - this an extension of my main blog in which I post entries I do not want to reveal to the entire webspace for privacy or sensitivity reasons. You must receive an invitation from me and then accept the invitation to be able to read it. You may email me if you are interested in receiving an invitation.


Monday, 6 May 2013

Why webwork, after all

I started creating this website in 2001; it just seemed cool then to learn how to create a personal webpage using free and easy page-builders. So I started experimenting, writing, organising, building... learnt some html coding at work and with friends along the way. Over the years, my page took all sorts of shapes and forms and included all sort of material, which most of the time seemed like immature stuff I gradually stripped away. For years I almost felt ashamed of having a personal website and I didn't like telling people I had one. I almost deleted it on various occasions, because although I (immensely) enjoyed doing it, my mind regularly tried to convince me that having a public webspace on which I poured personal trivia was egotistic, self-indulgent, and useless. Yet I never erased those pages...

Over ten years later, I fully realise how keeping a sort of record track of those thoughts, texts, quotations, images, drawings, playlists, basically whatever was important in my life at the time, was just a way for me to organise my thoughts, clear my mind and understand myself. It forced me to reflect upon myself and my life, it allowed me to express myself into words that have helped me see reality clearly, words that have shaped me. And that was precisely why I enjoyed doing it so much. But much more than a diary, much more than just writing my thoughts down as they came, I was organising whole areas of my life into sections so they would reveal their importance (or later lack thereof) to me. Somehow it was like creating a kind of abstract, dynamic portrait of myself, which over the years has evolved as I have... From reflecting the scattered mind, hobbies, ideals and dreams of a young twenty-something, it has come to highlight those disciplines that have most deeply moved my heart, challenged and make me grow, and it has pointed me to those meaningful values which constantly guide my grown life today. I am even tempted to say that this dynamic self-portraying webwork may have served as a therapy that has guided me towards important, mature life choices. Of course the website has nothing to do with what it was at the start; however it still holds hints of what I was back then, some old words which still mean a lot to me to, some images, and a sort of historic energy about myself. Hence I am very grateful today for having kept the pages up all those years...

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