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A note on my blogs

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Tuesday, 30 July 2013

No more shampoo!

Since I have come back to India I have decided I will stop shampooing my hair... I kept hearing about it recently, and when I was in the UK in early July two close friends of mine told me that since they've stopped shampoo, their hair has been softer and stronger, and even that their hair has stopped falling. I actually touched one of my friend's hair, which was surprisingly soft.

I used to use natural shampoo when I lived in the UK, but in India since I realised the Himalaya brand is not very ayurvedic at all, I was concerned about buying their shampoo! I did it for lack of another choice. There is another, more natural brand but it's a bit expensive and, especially, you only find it in big cities. So now that I've learnt that shampoo isn't actually necessary, I'll just stop it altogether!

I know it will take time for my scalp to recalibrate and reduce oil production and to reach its natural balance, but I shall do this whilst I live in The Land of Sweat and look dirty all the time anyway! After 1-2 months I shouldn't need to put anything on my hair, just water... Most website I read on the matter agreed on using sodium bicarbonate for washing and cider vinegar for conditioning for a while to speed up the "greasy transition process". Although I never found sodium bicarbonate in India I do have some with me, and I shall use lemon juice instead of the vinegar, as 2 websites suggest...

Well, I've been shampoo-free for 8 days now, and I'm really happy. I don't know if there'll be a worst "grease peak", but so far my hair feels fine! Everyday I only rinse my hair underneath the shower making sure I massage my scalp well, to remove the grease. This season in India really is perfect because it's nice to shower in cold water everyday, and it's refreshing to wet my head as well. It's also important to comb my hair with a clean comb.

After 5 days I tested the sodium bicarbonate and the lemon juice. It was very satisfying actually! So I mixed a small spoonful of bicarbonate into a small cup of water, and massaged my scalp with that. It's very liquid but it's OK. The hair gets a bit dry after when you rinse it (though not as bad as with ordinary soap), but the mixture of water (1 cup) and lemon juice (a small lemon) really made a difference! It made the hair softer than with ordinary shampoo. I just poured the lemony water onto my head and combed my hair with my fingers, and then rinsed it well with water. I have to say that my hair has always been very easy to handle: it's soft and it couldn't be more straight, so even when it went down to my bum it was very easy to comb. I know how lucky I am...

So I've already been 8 days without shampoo, and it feels totally right. I'm very excited about my new "poo-free" adventure...

Besides, I'll be very happy to throw fewer plastic bottles amongst the rubbish piles of my Dearest India...

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