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A note on my blogs

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Thursday, 23 January 2014

No shampoo for 6 months & update on going poo-free

It's already half a year since I've stopped shampoo, and I am still really happy with it! I have learnt a lot about my new hair and routine, and so an update is in order...

I have mostly been using reetha since I found out about it. At first though it was not always satisfying and I had to learn a fair bit about how to use it properly. The first time I used it it was amazing, but after I used it the following few times my hair was still a bit greasy - in a new kind of way - they didn't fall very nicely. It didn't really look dirty but it felt greasy, and it was - hard to say - a bit like paper in a way that paper doesn't flow very well; or should I say a bit like straw but not really, and after 2-3 days I had to wash it again. So for a while I stopped reetha and went back to soda bicarbonate followed by lemony water or apple cider vinegar mixed with water for conditioning.

Another thing I noticed was that - obviously I guess! - hot water works a lot better that cold water to clean hair!!! I hadn't noticed this because obviously up until October-November the weather was still hot enough to shower with cold water!! When Indian winter turned up though I started showering with hot water, and wow, my hair was cleaner for quite a lot longer. I still used the bicarbonate of soda every week, but my hair still felt very clean after 5 days of just rinsing. And the odd smell of the end of my hair which I used to get just after baking soda after 2-3 months of stopping shampoo completely left me.

After a while I decided to give another go at reetha because I had bought a lot and I didn't want to waste it. Besides I kept remembering my first convincing time so I thought I should persevere with it! Since you have to soak reetha overnight before using the water-gone-soapy, the soapy water is cold by the time you have to apply it on your hair, so I tried washing my hair by tilting my head forward. It turned to be a good idea because it makes it easier to avoid putting reetha in your eyes, which really hurts. For a few times reetha still didn't wash my hair very well, but then I realised (1) that you really have to pop the nuts open before soaking them overnight because the soapyness comes from inside the nuts, and (2) that I had to be careful not to pour too much water on the nuts otherwise the "soapyness" gets too diluted and it doesn't wash the hair well. I also decided to use lemony water or vinegar/water after reetha as well because it made my hair even nicer and softer.

Another thing I noticed - my hair falls as much when I wash it, but less in between washes.

So now: I (1) cut the nuts open before they soak overnight, (2) I use more nuts (8-10) and I pour just about a glass of water on it, (3) after having applied reetha I tie my hair up while I shower to let it rest and (4) I condition my hair with lemony water or vinegar/water. I reuse the nuts just once for the next wash. If it's inconvenient to soak nuts overnight I just use soda bicarbonate instead. Since then reetha has been great every time I've used it, my hair has been really clean and soft, and I have also noticed that it feels kind of lighter, somehow...

Finally I also experimented with less rinsing inbetween washes. The weather has been very cold this last month and without heating in houses it's more difficult to keep warm, so I haven't wanting to rinse my hair with water every single day. I have just done so every two days. Still I can wash my hair every 6 days only. And most recently I tried the experiment of not rinsing my hair with water at all until I had to wash it again. It lasted 5 days.

So yes, I am very very happy with my new hair routine. It's as easy as shampoo, my hair feels beautiful and soft and it greases far less quickly, it falls a bit less, and I use a lot less packaging too - no more shampoo bottles to throw into India's nature... My hair hasn't changed that much because it had always been very soft and silky, but I absolutely love going more natural and not being a good friend with the cosmetic industry, and my new routine feels right.

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