A note on my three blogs

A note on my blogs

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Saturday, 5 July 2014

Becoming my mother-in-law's only female company

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  1. Sorry another quick question, when you were trying to convert your student visa to x visa, did you go to the MHA, or did you try to the FRO Varanasi to do it? I only have 2.5 months validity left on my visa, so I'm thinking I have to convert my employment visa to x visa. Do I have to go to Dehli to do this? Hope this step goes smoothly..but judging by your case, it could take a lot of time...

  2. Hi, I never got my student visa converted to the X visa! It seemed to complicated, Delhi was telling me to do it from Varanasi, Varanasi told me to do it from Delhi, I sent faxes and letters with no reply etc. Then I had to leave for France so I gave up and eventually got an X visa from France. I think you should definitely go back to your country to get an X visa, then you'll have a year to apply for the PIO. What India has told me is not to be too much in a hurry... Now that you tell me you're on an employment I think wait til it expires, get an X visa, and then only apply for the PIO! Good luck! Also,if you've been married for less than 1 year you'd better wait for after a year to apply...