A note on my three blogs

A note on my blogs

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Thursday, 28 August 2014

Overdue update

I've been writing quite a lot on my confidential blog recently but nothing on here...

I am still in Khajuraho, and I'll have been here most of the time since 15 May! I did go back to Banaras at the beginning of this month, but in the end I only stayed there for about a week and came back to Khajuraho for Raksha Bandhan. I thought we would visit Vijay's sister but it hasn't happened, and I'm still here because we are doing up our new room and I want to have my say in the works... And as we all know, "Indian-style" timing is pretty sloooooow, and so the works are taking longer than expected. The plumber was supposed to come in two days; on the third day he still hasn't come, so Vijay goes to try and find him but he can't, so he checks another one who will come on the fourth day, in the end the first plumber agrees to come, but on the fifth day he hasn't come because it was raining... Ya know - this sort of thing!

And so I've been keeping myself busy writing, and in the last week mainly designing a new website... But now that I've done all I could do on it I'm really missing my life in Banaras, especially my musical friends! I'm still teaching my young student Ajay here though, which is great fun. He is now my only musical companion here and thank God I have him, because I have stopped teaching the music teacher's son who has now gone to another city for his studies. Besides I have finally stopped going to his father's music classes because he no longer has time to teach me anything, and I'm bored with accompanying the children because I no longer feel I learn from it and most of the time there's nothing to play because the kids are not ready and I just sit and wait... It seems the flame has gone out and I'm also bored with the teacher's traditional narrow-mindedness, whilst he seems tired of my silliness and playfulness. He is just too serious for me and I think music should just be fun! I just feel I no-longer have a proper space in that school, and it's probably a good thing that I move on...

I love teaching Ajay more than ever though, and he keeps surprising me with his initiative, with how quickly he grasps things, with how excited he is about learning music. I love teaching him because he only has me, and with him I do what I want. Recently I've also been writing harmonies for some of the bhajans I did learn with the music teacher, and now I try them on with Ajay. I must say he is a much better audience than the music teacher! Ajay really loves my harmonies! So I teach him the songs as I've been taught them, and when he's ready to play them well I play the second voice with him. It brings a new dimension to our play, a new wee happy dimension...

Monsoon was very shy this year. It hardly rained, really. Now the temperatures have dropped somewhat, it's not too hot, but it's super-humid so we just sweat like beats constantly. The worst time of my day is when I have to switch off the fan to broom the house... After the tasks is done I have to sit for 10 minutes by the air-cooler to dry myself. Obviously I also ended up removing my necklace, my anklets, my bracelets and two of my rings, because they give me red, itchy rashes! No space for being lady-like in Sweatyland! I could take a shower but after 5 minutes it's just the same so I prefer to save water (and electricity)... So yeah: we just have one or two months left to go in Sweatyland, but compared to the hell of June, this is nothing! And in two months, I'll be able to wear jeans again! Horrah!

And I long to go back to Banaras (even though the sticky-and-sweaty-ness will be worse than here), and indeed I hope I will return to my "fully-independent" life in a week or so. Actually I have quite a few exciting musical projects coming up and I'm really looking forward to start working on them. But for now, while I am in Khajuraho they are just... pending...

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

On Indian women's conditions & conjugal matters

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