A note on my three blogs

A note on my blogs

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Saturday, 25 October 2014

10-year violin anniversary!

Today is my 10-year anniversary of being a violinist! Ten years ago today I bought my wonderful toy, my baby, my joy, from the amazingly talented Steve Burnett, and I started learning violin - and changing my life... Look, look, look! ♥ (& this is the journey... ♥)


I have been feeling really good about the violin recently. The "super-fast" practice seems to be paying off, finally, after about 2 years of hard work and frustration. My shoulder doesn't even hurt anymore, and I've also finally taught myself to tap the beat with my knee or foot whilst sitting crossed-legged, in order to be able to follow the rhythm cycle while I play. It started off such a pain and so much frustration that I was feeling emotionally exhausted after 10 minutes. So I would give up regularly, but today I can almost "dance" continuously while I play and improvise, and it has really helped me to integrate the cycle a step deeper into my mind and body... Recently I've also forced myself to count "1, 2, 3, 4" out loud every 4 beats while I improvise. It was a small torture at first, but it's almost easy now, and it feels like my brain can focus a lot better on two things at the same time, playing and "seeing" the cycle somehow. It feels like I can breathe more, like it has given me freedom and a sense of space, and more confidence also. I guess it has literally helped me expand my consciousness...

And I have two concerts coming up in November:

Firstly I have been invited to play a concert in Rajasthan, on 28 November! It is an American acquaintance I was meeting in the River Ashram since three years, who works on a cultural project in Jaipur. He has to organise concerts for his work and he loves the sound of my violin and so he asked me to play in concert! I have only played two solos so far and I (still!)(obviously!) lack performance experience, so I'm a little anxious about the concert, but I am also very happy and grateful for this opportunity to grow! So I have asked a (new) friend (for new friends come into our lives at the right time!) who plays beautiful flute (bansuri) and is an experienced performer to play a duet with me. Because I want to start playing with other instrumental musicians! Listening to one another and getting renewed inspiration... So we've been working towards this wee project... He teaches me a lot...

Secondly, following my meeting with Saskia and Shubhendra Rao, Saskia asked me if my Khajuraho student would accompany the school kids for their school concert on 14 November, in Delhi! At first I didn't register the offer, as I was myself quite intimidated to meet Saskia for the first time, and I was dealing with my own emotion. So I told her it would probably be difficult to "take him out of his family" and bring him to Delhi, as he's just 13. But a few days later Saskia's question popped back into my head and I thought "Hell no! It won't be difficult!" We're not in "all-regulated" Europe here, and Udit belongs to Vijay's extended family so it won't be a problem if I travel with him and Vijay to Delhi. It is a wonderful opportunity and there is no way I should let it go. And so Vijay went to ask Udit's parents and they agreed to let him go to Delhi with us. When I asked Udit if he wanted to play on a big stage in Delhi, he screamed with delight! So I have already sent him the recording of the first song we have to play along with the notation, and four days later he phoned me, played it to me, and it was almost perfect already. I will go to Khajuraho from 4 to 12 November and I just have another small song to teach him in those 8 days, before we head off to Delhi... It will be wonderful to take my young countryside-student to the big city for a concert and for him to meet other (& great!) musicians!!!

Happy, happy, happy! ♥

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